This is an ever growing yet incomplete list of projects made or in the process of being made which use SFML or parts of SFML in some way.
Feel free to tweet us your project if it's missing on any of our lists.

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AchBall is a casual game in which you hit goals by launching a ball. You score extra points for each time the ball bounces.

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Air Forte

Air Forte is a high-altitude game of math, vocabulary, and geography. Compete with friends or fly solo in the various arenas.

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Alkali is a precision platformer inspired by the chemical reactions of alkali metals. Website SFML Forum

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An Octonaut Odyssey

It's a game about an amnesiac octopus lost in strange planets.

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Ascii the Brave Cat

Ascii the Brave Cat is a retro-style 2D action game with awesome new mechanics, cute characters, and memorable gameplay

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At Odds

It's in space, it's a 4X, it's an RTS, it's a space 4X RTS. SFML Forum GitHub

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Behind the Horizon

Epic role-playing game with a mystical story and with crafting, magic and farming.

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Black Sun

Fly your space ship through a 2D sci-fi world. Fight real-time space battles, upgrade your vessel and trade rare resources. And text with your AI assistant Hopper.

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Break the Game

This game is about Kevin, He's been stuck in his gaf̶̨s̨fẃ̵̕ -- Follow him in this adventurous and humor-filled story to die


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Castle Clamber

Castle Clamber is an arcade inspired action platformer for one or two players, either locally or over a network.

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Cendric is part top-down RPG and part puzzle platformer.

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Progress with every slain monster, learn skills through talents, craft items, and explore procedurally-generated worlds in this sandbox RPG!

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In CUIT, it is only you and your mind. A challenging and relaxing puzzle experience, ready to test you from top to bottom.

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DarkStory Online

Bring the past back to life and live a new story in DarkStory; It's an authentic MMORPG 2D inspired by classic old-school RPGs.

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Deer Portal

A hybrid of board and card game driven by the four classical elements. For 1-4 players.

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Dispersio is a retro-styled action platformer. As you progress through the game, you will have to use and combine special abilities.

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Dispersio 2

Dispersio 2 is a retro-styled metroidvania. As you progress through the game, you will gain new abilities, such as dashing, wall-jumping and more.

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Doodle Bob

DoodleBob is a cross between Little Computer People and perhaps Tamagotchi. SFML Forum Game Jolt

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Escape the Game

Kevin is fed up with his game. Follow him in this atmospheric, dark and funny journey and fulfill his dreams. Is it even possible to escape?


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Gemstone Keeper

Gemstone Keeper is a twin stick shooter where avid explorers go down into a large, dangerous and mysterious set of caves and caverns.

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Golden Spike

A public transport simulation where you can create huge maps in realistic scale with free track shaping, station and timetables

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An art-music-arcade game, inSynch is handcrafted and animated in stop motion.

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K Station

You are Maya, a lab assistant, trying to find a way out as she weaves her way through the altered lives of the friends and colleagues that remain.

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Key To Heaven

By yourself or with friends, your goal is to fight and explore on the mysterious islands

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An Indie fantasy Action RPG game with lots of combat, puzzles and customization.

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Dare through the creepy corridors of the mazes, but keep your guard up.

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Mole Game

You are a Mole. Collect sunflowers throughout the year and achieve serenity.


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MoonQuest is a procedurally-generated adventure game!

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Mow Problem

Mow Problem is a casual puzzle game featuring relaxing music designed to improve your logic and thought skills.


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Not So Heart

Not So Heart is a retro hardcore platformer. But it has a secret. Don't try to fix anything.


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Open Hexagon

Become the best and climb the leaderboards in Open Hexagon, a fast-paced adrenalinic arcade game that's easy to learn but hard to master!

Steam GitHub

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Pioneers is a turn-based exploration/adventure RPG. Website SFML Forum

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Postmortem: One Must Die - Narrative-adventure playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation!

Website Steam

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Pseuthe (pronounced 'soothe') is an abstract audio / visual experience, with casual game play elements. GitHub SFML Forum

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Dynamic post-apocalyptic shooter with time manipulation mechanism. Website SFML Forum

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Re:creation is a top-down action adventure game

Website SFML Forum TIGSource

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Remnants of Naezith

Rush and swing through levels to top the leaderboards in this fast-paced, grappling hook precision platformer.

Website Steam Nintendo Switch

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Rising Reign

Rising Reign is a high fantasy role-playing game with rogue-like elements. Most content is procedurally generated during world construction.


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Rocket Shipment

A tricky physics based rocketship delivery game with an integrated level editor.

Steam Website

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Free-to-play intense rhythm, racing, and adventure!


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Hop, leap, and bound through vibrant levels as Squatbot! Squatbot brings tight platforming to mobile devices with a unique and minimalist control scheme.

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Stridsvogn : A top down tank game SFML Forum

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Takrog is a tactical RPG with a smart procedural generation of the world, quests and characters. Every game is different from the other.

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The Away Team

In this interactive sci-fi adventure novel, you are the AI pilot of Earth's last interstellar ship, tasked with finding a home for your crew.

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The Man in the Cape: Special Edition

The Man in the Cape is captured and left for dead in Mr. Granderson’s superhero elimination dungeon.


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The Night Christmas Ended

Team up with the world’s biggest goblin on his quest for gold and be a total Christmas bastard.

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This Grand Life

This Grand Life is a personal finance simulator where you create a character, manage their money and help them achieve their life goals.

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In a dystopian future, a powerful corporation hires a private security firm to execute a violent takeover of a competitor's HQ.


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Underrail is an old school turn-based isometric indie role playing game that focuses on exploration and combat.

Steam Website Good Old Games

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Vagante is an action-packed platformer that features permanent death and procedurally generated levels.

Steam Website Humble

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Wanderjahr is a JRPG with real time combat and an intriguing story

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Wing of Misadventure

Wing of Misadventure is the definitive Massive Multiplayer Online RPG experience, featuring a unique art style, carefully crafted loot system and fast paced combat style!

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Witch Blast

Witch Blast is a free roguelite dungeon crawl shooter heavily inspired from Binding Of Isaac.

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Zeran's Folly

Story-driven action-adventure with fluid melee combat, four unique playable characters, and a twisted sense of humor.

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Zloxx II

Zloxx II is a 2D Jump'n'Run in which you control a little character called Zloxx.

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